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Three golden treasures, once reunited, will grant the bearer one wish, an ultimate power, to be used for good, or evil. Once the wish is fulfilled, while beautiful, they will be of no further use to their owner, and will be no more than jewels. This is the Tri-Force, the golden power, and it was sent by the Gods to remind the children of men that they are watching, and that they still wield a hand in this world. Great good has been done by them, mountains raised, rivers dammed and towns saved, however, in the hands of great evil, there is no knowing what can be accomplished.


Our hero, Link, as he was known, the silent sword of the princess Zelda, had done everything right. He’d freed the mystical sages, and gathered the pendants that would allow him access to the most powerful sword in all of Hyrule, the legendary Master Sword. He’d travelled miles upon miles, and climbed higher, ran faster, and fought harder than any hero before him had.

And yet it was like he had never left his Uncle’s farm. He was experienced, but was he experienced enough? He was swift, and strong, but was he agile enough? Did he possess the qualities that make a good hero great? He was about to find out, if not for himself, then for Hyrule. For he was stood at the gates of Ganon’s tower, ready to claim back for the people what was rightfully theirs.

He had no designs on the Tri-Force, he couldn’t wish for anything more than adventure in the name of the King, and the Princess, anything more wouldn’t be worth it. He was a hero, and a hero does what a hero does best, service. There would be more sunsets for him past this day, he knew it, yet the knowledge that he’d been the best he could have been, and saved the day, was enough for one lifetime. He could retire happy, and travel the world helping out all he could.

Pausing for a second to gather himself and check his inventory, the Hero readied himself, and then burst through the main gates, slaying all that stood in his way. They weren’t much effort, a long time ago they might have been, but they were dealing with the Hero of Hyrule, and he hadn’t worked so hard for nothing. Their deaths were a fitting end to a life lived in the service of darkness, he knew it, and he wouldn’t shed a tear over their loss. Too many innocents had been lost in the name of this pointless quest for power.

Ganon was awaiting him in the throne room, atop a spiral staircase which stretched down from the top of the tower. Link knew where he’d be, and there was no hint of hesitation as he stalked the entrance, Zelda’s words echoing in his head.

“The Thief King must not be allowed to call upon the power of the Tri-Force, for in a blink the world as we know it would vanish, and in its place, would be a great void. He will turn all we love into ash, and will loom over what is left, the people in the dominion of evil. Link, you can’t let that happen.”

And why would he? Link had as much to lose as anyone else. The song of the birds, and the buzz of the bees, and all the sounds of all the animals were precious to him, as were the cheery faces of his neighbours, the laughter of his friends, and the promise of a Princess’s kiss. Ganon wouldn’t see what was coming, besides a glimmer in the darkness, and then eternity. Link would not allow him a second to speak his cursed words, or summon his demon guard. The Hero was going to defeat the villain, and everyone could go home, and the night would retreat from the world, as it always did.

The sharp blade glinted in the torch flame, and he knew his time was at hand. He rushed across the marble floor, heading straight for the Thief King sitting his stolen throne. So close, he could already feel the warm rush of adrenaline as the fight would begin. Pumping himself up, ready for the final blow, the Hero bit his lip, and bid for oblivion.

Ganon didn’t react at all to his approach, a fact which warned Link to the fact that things
weren’t what they seemed, only it was too late. An eyebrow raised on his foe’s green face, and Link’s bluster was stopped in his tracks. He couldn’t move, at all. Frozen in place, the inertia built into nausea, as his body waited to fall, but it never came. Link growled, but that was about all he could will. The Thief King laughed, and then casually glanced up, a wry smile growing. Things definitely weren’t what they seemed.

“You dare? You dare to face me?”

He stood up in all his glory, six foot five and a body built for destruction. Every muscle was toned to perfection, and the strength just flowed from his very movement. His expression was muddled, a point between a smirk and a sneer, Link wanted nothing more than to bury his sword in the bastard’s head, yet he couldn’t move an inch.

“Sent on the orders of an old fool, and a little girl…”

He knew well what he was subjecting the boy to, Hero’s didn’t take well to humiliation, but this was only the start. Link’s gritted teeth were visibly on display, but Ganon bid him no mind, and he walked around the frozen assailant, sizing him up.

“You are no hero, you’re just an appetiser. And you’re too late.”

Link’s felt the fear gripping his consciousness. He was too late? How? Had the wish already been made? He could picture it now, Hyrule castle in ruins, the plains, the Kokiri village ablaze, and all his friends gone. The anger didn’t do it justice, but it was the fear that superseded all else.

“That’s right, the Tri-Force has given up its power to me. The wish is made, and is about to be fulfilled.”

The malice and implication in the final statement warned Link that the situation was in all likelihood about to go from bad to worse. He cursed his impatience, and he rued his tardiness.

All did indeed appear lost.

“I see what you think of me, Hero, but I am no pretender. I will take this world by corruption, not by force. It will be mine, because you, as the emissary of the ruling powers, will give it to me.”

It was Link’s turn to sneer, yet he was still unsure of what was meant by Ganon’s words. The scene was playing out so differently from how he’d pictured it that he was having trouble keeping up. Ganon had completed his loop of the frozen Hero, and was now towering over him, maintaining a derisive eye contact. Without another word he raised a finger, and then pressed it to Link’s abdomen, with a force that took the breath out of him.

A painful burst of panic paralysed all thought. Ganon took a step back to admire the transition, as Link was pulled from the ground, and held aloft by a golden, shimmering light. It was truly a sight to behold, but he could no longer focus through the pain. It had been steadily growing in the seconds since the initial blow, until a crescendo was reached, and all of his extremities were thrust apart by the unseen force, and he began to shake. The vibration pulsing through him built into a spasm, and he couldn’t keep his vision straight. Strange feelings were flowing from the glow into him, and, before his screaming eyes, his body began to change.

His hard skin, calloused and bruised from the years of training, became soft to the touch. The musculature he’d relied on through the many dances with death, came apart, and was replaced by a weak shapeliness, his legs long, thin, and silky smooth. They were no longer the legs of a warrior, but of a maiden. His buttocks expanded along with his hips, reaching a point where they resembled those of an idol of a goddess he’d tarried past of a time, he’d never fit through the tight passageways of an underground cavern again. There was no context for the changes to his head, but those of his chest were by far the most apparent. Large globes grew slowly, and just wouldn’t stop, until they burst straight through his undershirt, and were barely contained by his tunic. The nipples rubbed against the fabric, and caused a completely unprecedented event to occur.

A rush of sensation, a yearning excitement whizzed through his being, and ended between his feminine legs. His manhood was acting strange, it was almost like his bladder was leaking, only the wetness came hand in hand with the swooning certainty of the feeling which had begun on the tips of his new, and very sensitive, breasts. Whatever he’d walked in the room with in the crotch area, was distinctly missing, and a void became noticeably to him, if only because of the damp empty feeling it was exuding.

From within came not a growl, nor a protest, but a sound unique in nature. That of a human female in need. A long, drawn out moan, beginning deep within the womanly loins, as the transformation complete, and travelled up to the lungs, meeting further excitement from the chest, and then carried out with a slow exhale of breath. A pink sound, a notification to all around that a space needed to be filled.

Ganon marvelled at his handiwork as the last of the magic evaporated, leaving behind a panting vision of sexual majesty. Link the Hero had become Link the Heroine, but the process was not complete yet, not so long as she hadn’t seen herself, not until she knew what he had done. Still frozen in place, she gasped and spluttered as her new body adjusted, it sounded like she might even be enjoying it, with some distinct effort to hold back the torrent of amour she couldn’t bear for long.

He retrieved a silver platter from a table a few paces away, and returned keeping it held slightly out of sight, so she couldn’t see anything before he willed it. Link’s plans may have failed before he’d even walked in the door, but for the Thief King, there hadn’t been a single deviation.

Her body was far lovelier than he’d thought, and he was looking forward to the culmination of his effort. She was brought completely vertically in the air, so she was facing him, floating about a foot off the floor so their eyes could meet. Then he held up the reflective surface, and she saw.

Long blonde hair fell down to her shoulders and beyond, lips red and sultry, the kind men like, eyes wide and innocent, deep blue, her nose a nub, and her ears still pointed, but smaller and sharper. She was several shades paler than a few moments ago, and for the first time she could see the extent of Ganon’s wickedness. Her body was that of a stolen dream, her face, the poets would work long and hard to fully capture it with words, she truly was the fairest thing in all of the world, and in her heart, she already knew she belonged to Ganon.

“You are a sight.”

He held her chin, looking into her with marvel. He was surprised, and took in her beauty for a second, her unsullied perfection needing to be seen for as long as possible. But from within, his evil might returned, and his greed and his need to dominate all but consumed him. Link was taken from the air, into his powerful arms. She could move now, but she daren’t not, as he carried her across the throne room, and into an ante chamber.

The light in the room was that of a warm billowing ember, given off by the Tri-Force, as it floated in place above the dais in front of an ornate window, a testament to the Thief King’s vanity. Drawn in the glass was he, stood taller than the world, holding it in his hand. In front of all the decoration, was a stone altar, topped with a lush, red sheet. She was laid down on it, as the dull throb of her excited new organs kept her docile. Ganon removed his shirt, demonstrating more of his excellent physique. Link tried not to let the thoughts running through her mind affect her visibly, but her mouth opened a little, and a small amount of drool extended. She hated him, but she wanted him.

As he removed the last of his clothing, he stood before the Tri-Force, with his back to the aroused girl laying there. She had all the chances in the world to complete her escape, he began to drone on, and her Heroine mind dreamt up a plethora of methods with which to win the day. But still, she just lay there, listening, and waiting, trying to fight the grin forming on her face. It was a loving smile, and the worst thing was she knew he had done nothing to change the interior, her body was the only thing affected by the magicks.

Her last chance was blown away when he turned around to her, and took in a deep breath of preparation. It was time. She cursed her lack of decisiveness as much as she cursed her earlier blunders, as the huge man approached her, and kissed her deeply on the mouth. It was the kiss she’d been waiting for from the Princess, yet it was coming from her enemy. All that remained in her head though was the warm acceptance and submission that it brought.
Ganon removed her tunic, and undershirt, kissing and stimulating her nipples to great effect.

She was putty in his hands, the sensations were entirely alien and all too consuming. Gasping for air and squirming as her body wasn’t quite yet sure what to do with itself, she didn’t even protest when her boots were removed, they were far too large now, as well as the pants, which were budged up around her hips and thighs. She was naked now, as he was, and he was ready.

He hesitated though, completely victorious, it would take but a thrust to break her, but that wasn’t the plan. That comes later. He kissed her again, and then took a step back. She was so prepared for him to enter her, the moist opening flowing juices down onto the now sodden cloth of the altar, that she turned to watch him stood there, his beautiful cock nowhere near her.

“Link, my dear, there’s just one more thing.”

She’d almost forgotten her name, in all the confusion.

“I’ve made my wish.. I wished for you. Now it’s your turn.”

She gulped, not knowing exactly what was coming next. He turned, and caressed her
shoulder, brought his finger in a circle around her nipple, and then retreated again.

“I need you to wish for me. I need you to wish for everything, for me. You are the Hero no longer, you are mine, and I need what is mine to do as you are bid. Then you will be rewarded.”

Life flashed before her eyes, memories whirled from an eternity ago. Family slain by bandits, growing up surrounded by friends who loved her, and she them, saving the Princess that very first time, growing up, and adventuring all across the lands. The world was so beautiful, could she really betray everything dear in exchange for failure and servitude. She knew the answer, and a smile stretched ear to ear.

“That’s it my dear, you know exactly what to do.”

She stood, for the first time, her body shaky and untested. Taking every step as it came while adjusting to the different centre of gravity, she reached the Tri-Force, and took one last look at her enemy. Ganon was so sure of success, and Link could see it in his eyes. She touched the power, and time stopped.

She knew the wish she needed to make, return to her body, rid the world of the enemy, and return home. It was so simple, and so attainable. Yet looking at Ganon, stood naked before her, there was a twinge of doubt, in fact, a powerful cloud of doubt. Link, the Heroine of Hyrule, made her decision, she wished for what she wanted the most, and she wished for this all to be over.

Returning to the world, she laughed. Her body would morph back momentarily, and Ganon would descend into flames and the darkness, the world would be safe once again, and the sun would rise. Only nothing happened, for a beat. Ganon looked at her unsure, this was the one step in the plan he couldn’t count on, and her laughter was disconcerting to say the least. Only he didn’t disappear, the sun didn’t rise, instead the window shattered, as Link’s laughter turned to surprise, and Ganon’s surprise turned to laughter. Beyond the portal Hyrule burned.

Everything burned, except the tower, except Ganon. Who grew mightier and taller, with a terrible crown of silver and gold wreathing his head. Link had wished for the good ending.

Where was the good ending?

“I see your thoughts betray your intentions.”

Ganon threw down the crown on the dais, and picked up his true prize, laying the struggling girl down roughly, as stale, scorched air intruded into the antechamber. She could barely breathe, as the homes of her friends and family turned to ash. The Thief King lived up to his name, and he took her. Climbing atop her grieving form, he massaged her slowly hardening nipples by roughly grasping her breasts. His kiss was deep and lustful, and his fingers penetrated deep into her loins, rousing the bliss that had fully retreated.

She was his, and she gave in completely, knowing full well she was the ruin of all she’d loved. His hard, monstrous extremity was thrust past her virgin hymen, and seemed to extend to her upper torso. The explosion of power crippled her body with climactic electricity, and she groaned with gusto at the overwhelming sensation. He was fucking her with wild abandon, laughing maniacally, and reminding her every second of what she gave up for this, what she gave up to have him invade her.

Link had given up any attempt at blocking the trauma out, her body was responding too willingly to allow for that. The guilt was building as was the feeling, it felt like she was bathed in white hot flame, and was burning with the rest of her kin, only the fire was feeding itself within her, and was going to explode soon. Her orgasm was tumultuous, forcing itself through her mind, pairing with the guilt as she trembled through it. A finality, stretching her being, and reminding that all she’d done was for this moment, and it was worth it.

Ganon wasn’t nearly done, and his assault continued for as long as he was sure she could take it, after all, he didn’t break his toys straight away. Once the screams had become moans had become whimpers, he took her for one last ride before the dawn that wouldn’t come. From outside the tower, all that remained her the moans of their champion, brought down, and ruined. He filled her with his seed, sure she would bring him a son, as she grit her teeth through yet another climax. She had been pillaged, and her treasures discovered. He kissed her one last time, before pulling himself out of her twitching sex, standing and summoning a servant.

The little man came into the room with a robe which he wrapped around his master, and then stood waiting further instructions. Link saw his eyes flick to her body, of course they would, and then divert seconds later, she was property of the master after all.

“Hyrule burns?” Ganon breathed, watching out of the window while placing his crown back atop his head.

“The Princess is confirmed for dead. The King is en route for the coronation.”

“Excellent. Now leave us and tend to the preparations.”

The little man took one last peek at her beauty, and then left. Ganon walked over and brushed the exhausted girl’s hair, while studying his wrath.

“The Tri-Force interprets the wish as you truly desire it. I know you betrayed me in intent, but not entirely. For even a sliver of doubt becomes all encompassing. You did this.”

He held her head, and made her watch, she could hear them screaming.

“You did this Hero.”

Ganon walked through the door back to his throne room, leaving Link alone with her guilt, and her body.

“Dress my Queen for the ceremony, I want this over and done with.”


The coronation of Ganon was a swift affair, and was attended by the survivors of the scourge, all who averted their eyes had their blood join that of the old man flowing down the steps of the tower. He made sure they could all see her, their Hero, clad in the finest regal attire, with her body revealed through its tight, form fitting fabric. She was beautiful and a reminder of Ganon’s victory over all of them. For if he could take their Hero, who couldn’t he take? She held his hand through the affair, gloved, dainty fingers held in his, and she smiled, the proud bride, and they were married. The crown placed upon her waiting locks. She didn’t look away, she sat happily while their kingdom began. She couldn’t wait to be his again when the peasants were gone. The Hero of Hyrule, the Queen of Hyrule, the Whore of Hyrule.


A hero does what a hero does best: serve.
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That's not how the Triforce works.
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NekoLLX Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Student Filmographer
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sampleguy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I read this fantastic piece in Fictionmania a month or two ago, but I'm glad it's here on dA as well. I'd like to start of by saying I love your work! This is definitely my favorite Legend of Zelda story, and possibly my favorite tg fiction! 
I absolutely love the darker theme, as well as the eloquent prose that you presented it in! I truly hope to see more and I'm very glad to have found you on dA!
Would you ever be interested in a sort of Art Trade?
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